Why are there so many single mothers?

The unbelievable rise of single motherhood in America over

- This conjecture seems to be supported by other evidence: the Human Sciences Research Council estimates that 60 of SA children have an absent father, and 40 of mothers are single parents. Explaining why these mothers are single isnt easy. Single motherhood has grown so common in America that demographers now believe half of all children will live with a single mom at some point before the age. I think some women just want control, and hate the idea of knowing that they can't do everything. Look how many crazy kids are running around today.

Why are there so many single mothers lately?

- Around where I live in many single mother houses once the kid hits like 12 they don't care what the mother has to say. They treat their mother's like she's some rug on clearance that they found at the thrift store. That's why you have so many kids wild'n out. In addition, it is legally impossible for the father to force the mother to carry the child if she wishes to have an abortion. Simple, if the woman wants to carry the pregnancy to term she can do so without the father.

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- Another thing is that some women don't like to take responsibility. I think there are lots of reasons why there are so many single moms. Probably the biggest is that there is no stigma for the mom or dad. Let's be real look at how many young boys today are going around imitating women. Young men and women will wait for the right person but not for their husband, have sex, and then struggle with the consequences of having children.

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- He can father a child out or wedlock and she can be pregnant. There are so many single black mothers in America because a large majority of black women have deduced their value to their vgina. Its my belief that the mass incarceration of black men has led to a mass panic among black women to snatch up a decent black man as soon as they can by having his baby. The only other circumstance I can imagine for purposely becoming a single mother would be a woman who is (hopefully financially independent and) nearing the end of her child bearing years and not in a relationship but want. We asked members of the Your Black World blogging team to chime in, their reactions are below.

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- Why single moms should not date men who are selfish. He will demand as much time as a child and even though you spend plenty of time with him, there will always be a sense of odd jealousy from what appears to be an adult but is emotionally a child on the inside. Why add another child to the list of one's you already have to take care of? It was ok for her to do what she wanted, but he was a jackazz for moving on and deciding that he could find someone who would treat him better. He wasn't a bad guy, and she never wanted to change herself.

On to the next one inevitable leaves single mothers to go it alone. I understand that there are women that truly get dogged out, and left to raise a child on their own. There is no tie that binds, just What can you do for me? They treat their mother's like she's some rug on clearance that they found at the thrift store. For some men, thats as simple as having ones sexual needs satisfied. It was never their fault because they can't chose who to date, when to tell a guy that they don't want to have sex.  Is this a problem? For some women, thats become as simple as extra money needed for stability.  Over 70 of all African American children come from single parent households, and many children suffer as a result. They are mere exchanges. Relationships have ceased to be relationships. There are many situations where both parents will not be involved, either by choice or for other reasons. Meaning that most of them have not taken the initiative to better themselves so how could they possibly provide for a household? I don't know why, but I see that many women of today, especially in America hate being told that they can't do everything that a man can. It's like for some of them a man is just a sperm bank. That said, of course two loving, stable, attentive parents are better than one. There are I am sure many men who would have happily raised their children alone but due to biology and the law obviously could not. I'm not saying that a singe mother can not raise a child, but it's hard. I don't agree with rape, but some should stop trippin. One observation is that the black american family never really had a chance.